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Marble Fit-Out — Create Luxury In Interior Design


Marble, as a fit-out material, can conquer anyone. It radiates a special dignity and nobility. Interiors with its use look stylish, sophisticated and respectable. Due to the unique design, pleasant texture, variety of shades and semitones, marble by Luxury Antonovich Design fits perfectly into modern and classic interiors. You can achieve exceptional design with its use.

Katrina Antonovich - Secrets Of Marble Fit-Out

Marble has always been and is an indispensable companion of unique luxurious interiors. Marble has a monumentality, and like any natural stone, created by nature, has a certain energy and originality, so it is impossible not to emphasize the advantages of marble in the interior as a whole, in sculpture, decoration of furniture, antiques, works of art, dishes and other luxurious elements of decor.

The design of modern interiors by Luxury Antonovich Design is more concise, but it is worth adding a fragment of natural marble to one of the walls — and everything changes at once, the room as a whole looks more luxurious and status. Especially seriously will look marble portal from floor to ceiling by Luxury Antonovich Design, and not necessarily make it carved. Chic will be in the beauty of the stone itself.

Application features:

  • Marble can be used not only the walls and floor fit-out, but also for counter tops and kitchen aprons. It looks quite elegant, while easy to handle and clean.
  • Fine combinations of marble with glass and metal allow to diversify any interior.
  • Each centimeter of marble by Luxury Antonovich Design is unique — you will not find identical tiles anywhere.
  • Marble is one of the most environmentally friendly materials.


Marble can be used in the construction and fit-out of objects of any type. It all depends on your desire and choice. But remember that the marble surface needs to be protected with special agents that add extra shine. Professional advice of talented designers of Luxury Antonovich Design in a process of marble interior fir-out:

— The drawing, which presents a tile on the floor, smoothly goes to the walls. In this case, the room is reincarnated into an elegant apartment, where there are notes of palace luxury. This design looks beautiful in large baths and wide corridors.

— Light floor in combination with dark stone walls. The contrast is completely different from the usual combination. However, it is the design, where the top is darker than the floor, fills the room with comfort and warmth.

— White marble floor tiles along with white walls and furniture are widely used in bathrooms, and declares the courage of the owners.

— Marble ornaments are appropriate in living rooms and halls. Complete the patterns with brickwork on the walls or other textured decoration. Light color can be diluted with delicate wall fit-out, and dark patterns — similar to the palette of curtains and furniture elements.

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