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Marble Coating And Professional Fit-Out


Marble is a noble material, only its appearance speaks of the richness and monumentality of the interior design. It does not matter where such fit-out is used: in living rooms, kitchen, hallway or bathroom. Luxury Antonovich Design Company specializes in the manufacture and installation of marble floors. Marble in operation is the most practical material, durable, environmentally friendly, has excellent thermal conductivity, easy to polish have a beautiful texture and colors. Marble floor in your home, will give coziness, comfort and highlight your status. 

Katrina Antonovich - World Class Marble Floor Designer

Our company will professionally perform work on the design, manufacture and installation of any type of marble floors fit-out with quality and in time:

  • modular; 
  • geometric; 
  • mosaic. 

Marble floors from Luxury Antonovich Design Company are an exquisite floor covering and fit-out of noble natural stone. Having our own manufacturing provides an incredible variety of marble products. The color palette of our marble provides a rich selection, allowing you to find the right option. We cooperate with major global manufacturers and use high-quality marble slabs that have undergone the waterproofing procedure to protect against moisture.


Marble floors fit-out from Luxury Antonovich Design are, first of all, very beautiful and aristocratic. The texture of the stone is quite soft, presented in a wide range of shades and structures. Marble is not like hard granite on the pattern and visual impact, nor on the frankly unexpressed patterns of other decorative stones. Marble coating does not burn, does not crack under the influence of fire, does not react with the flame, and does not emit harmful burning. A well-laid marble mosaic or tile structure made by professional masters of Luxury Antonovich Design will never creak, especially if the seams are filled with special sealing glue.

Marble fit-out for a floor can keep within in various ways, forming the direction of ranks, geometrical decisions of drawing. When working with slabs, interesting interior compositions are achieved. When facing the floor, professional masters are able to realize any pattern, ornament or even picture, and our company will help you with this. Marble floor fit-out, on which the texture of the stone flows and forms large areas of uniform structure, are very interesting, expensive and exquisite.

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