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Luxurious Marble Designs


Luxury Antonovich Design has been doing a wide range of marble designs all through the several years in doing interior design. After extensive research of marble designs, gradually, the team have been kicking in different style and format for marbles. The interior of the bathroom is totally structured with the blue marble originating from the most luxurious places in the world which demonstrates a crystalline white base joined with light blue details. The complex and beautiful appearance gets even more stunning by the amazing finish of the bathtub. We perceive the requirements of the market and execute approaches to accomplish brilliance in this field offering the best items and incentive for each classification and each channel to turn into the most creative brand known in the marble industry.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer for Luxurious Marble Designs


Customers are our main need, and we will go additional to ensure they are totally happy with our projects. If you have a particular venture that requires proficient administration, then Luxury Antonovich Design is the right interior company for you. Our technique is intended to handle even the most mind-boggling ventures. 

Structure and tile patterns are our forte in advancement, and our architecture and configuration in style are generally changing with new innovation and materials. Luxury Antonovich Design is your proficient and reliable accomplice with regards to your future interior design.

Our company does all materials and styles, including artistic, porcelain, glass, metal, and normal stone tile. Our showrooms contain the best determinations of interior designs of marbles. We disperse imported brands from different parts of the world for any size and any style. We have the best information, the best administration, and convey the best costs.

Our professional team are dependably available to counsel, advice, plan and help our customers with their venture at all times the best item for any financial limit. 

Our marble skill is utilized in a wide assortment of ventures from townhouses, apartment suites, and endless private activities; from high rises to inns and extravagance private living arrangements.

Proprietorship and responsibility from every worker guarantee that we surpass our clients' desires. Huge numbers of our items are sourced from abroad. We cultivate association with our locale of customers, and to the world on the loose.

Giving the most exceptional and progressive results of predominant quality, while keeping up an extremely affordable cost. We are on a determined interest to carry style and structure to regular day to day existence at a value everyone can manage. 

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