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Aluminum today is one of the most preferred materials in modern architecture. It is suitable for facades of buildings in large cities, and provides the broadest possibilities for private construction: country houses, gazebos, verandas, pools, winter gardens and for glazing apartments. Luxury Antonovich Design is one of the market leaders in providing services for the manufacture and installation of translucent aluminum structures. Our company has been working effectively for more than 10 years on the construction market in the UAE and around the world, using only the latest technologies in the production of aluminum structures and the provision of professional aluminum services. This experience allows us to offer and implement high quality services.

Katrina Antonovich - Leader And Chief Designer Of Luxury Antonovich Design

The main advantages for aluminum profile from Luxury Antonovich Design:

— high-quality design;

— the possibility of execution of the structure of any length;

— ideal for use in difficult conditions (high chemical and temperature resistance);

— good opportunities for EMC shielding;

— high heat sink;

— low manufacturing costs;

— high impact strength.

Our products include:

  • Aluminum door designs;
  • Aluminum window construction;
  • Constructions for winter gardens;
  • Partitions;
  • Facade structures;
  • Balcony frames;
  • All-glass construction;
  • Aluminum railings, handrails, fences;
  • Rolling systems.


Aluminum profiles by Luxury Antonovich Design are made of a composite material — an alloy of aluminum, silicon and magnesium. Its main characteristics come out of it — it is light in weight, flexible in production and durable in operation.

At production such aluminum shape is used:

— Warm. Installed on sites where it is important to maintain a comfortable temperature.

— Cold. It is installed where heating is not required.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company manufactures aluminum structures of any complexity — welded aluminum structures using argon welding, assembling folding structures on fasteners and much more.

Our experienced team provides a wide range of services for integrated solutions for the manufacture of aluminum constructions:

— Design of aluminum structures;

— Installation of aluminum structures;

— Precise aluminum profile cutting;

— Laser cutting of aluminum sheet;

— Bending aluminum sheet and aluminum pipes;

— Stamping, cutting;

— Welding of aluminum structures;

— Production of folding designs from the aluminum profile.

Many years of experience of Luxury Antonovich Design specialists in work with welding of aluminum structures allows them making durable and stable products for their further safe operation.

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