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Interior Fit-Out Services and Furnishing Dubai


A large increase in the number of new residential buildings in the UAE, including Dubai, creates a demand for apartment fit-out services. Luxury Antonovich Design Company has established itself as a bona fide provider of the highest quality construction services. We carry out fit-out and interior works of any complexity: cosmetic, major, and those that can not do without design delights. Apartment fit-out in a new building has a number of features, the main of which is the ability to accurately calculate the cost of interior fit-out of the apartment and the materials necessary for such works. All stages of the process is strictly followed one after another, corresponding to technology.


Technology does not stand still: what until recently seemed to be the peak of excellence is already hopelessly outdated tomorrow. This statement is true in relation to many fit-out materials: oil enamels, paper-based wallpapers and the so-called ceiling rolls are now perceived as something archaic, left in the past. In exchange, our company and our manufacturing partners offer new fit-out options, the aesthetic qualities and operational properties of which significantly exceed the characteristics of fit-out materials used in the past.



Fit-out work of the highest quality in Dubai involves the following steps:

  • Redevelopment of the premises: dismantling of structures, walls, teething or transfer of openings for windows, doors, installation of window structures;
  • wall chasing, laying wires for electrical communications;
  • alignment of the surfaces of walls, ceilings, floors by priming, puttying, plastering;
  • floor screed work;
  • installation of pipe elements for heating, sewer systems, water supply systems;
  • installation of insulating layers, sheathing with drywall structures, finishing works;
  • installation of door structures, appliances that supply lighting (chandeliers, lamps, spot lights, built-in light), furniture, and decoration items.


The procedure for interior fit-out of apartments can be adjusted, but the technology is always strictly followed. Our team loves and knows its work from A to Z, so if you plan to order interior fit-out of apartment or its renovation in Dubai, Luxury Antonovich Design will help you make your housing as stylish and comfortable as possible for living and relaxing in a fairly short time.


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