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Fit-out and repair — these events are quite large-scale. And moving to a renovated apartment is becoming more desirable ... So it's time to turn to professionals and order a turnkey fit-out. In modern times, this service is very successful. This is a professional fit-out, from creating a project to garbage removal.

Katrina Antonovich

Any professional fit-out begins with the creation of a design project. This process is quite long and laborious. It takes a lot of time to develop it, and it all depends on the area of the house and on what work will be carried out. Most of the time is spent on the development of technical documentation, in other words, instructions for craftsmen. The development of the project is consists from:

  • Collection of information and assessment of the premises.
  • Creation of preliminary sketches.
  • Calculation of estimates and the formation of technical specifications.
  • Development of presentations and 3D models.
  • Approval and implementation of fit-out project.



Apartment renovation in the luxury segment by Luxury Antonovich Design has the following advantages:

Individual design project. Specialists of our construction company, together with architects and designers, develop the project taking into account the type of premises and the characteristics of the customer. Our designers take into account the characteristics of the client: lifestyle, family members, age, priorities, culture and even nationality. The parameters of the room are also important. All customer wishes are taken into account, and the best option is offered.


Quality material. When choosing materials for premium fit-out, we are usually guided by their appearance, durability, and environmental safety.

Non-standard types of work. Elite apartment renovation can include any daring tasks for which natural material is just right.

Comprehensive interior fit-out is a complete cycle of repair and construction works, starting with a change in the layout or installation of partitions, and ending with finishing work. In addition to the above, it includes: arrangement of bulk screed, laying flooring, installing a warm floor, soundproofing rooms, a complete replacement of all communications, electrical work.


The production activities of Luxury Antonovich Design are a well-organized organization of fit-out with a pre-developed estimate and execution of a contract with the customer, coordinated work of experienced personnel, always thought out and optimal solutions. Such a professional approach allows you to implement any projects and design solutions.


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