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Installation, Design And Manufacture Of Custom Carpets


In a process of creating a house for ourselves, each of us seeks to make it cozy and different from others. And here the main thing — to choose the right carpet, ideal for your interior. The uniqueness of the home interior is manifested in everything: high-quality, tastefully selected furniture, designer furnishings, an unusual solution in the formation of interior space. But to create a complete picture, you need a carpet from Luxury Antonovich Design.

Katrina Antonovich - Carpet Designer

Custom-made carpets are an integral part of textile decoration in every home. Carpet factory of Luxury Antonovich Design Company provides production of elite handmade carpets of any shape, size, design. Custom-made carpet is a product of author's work, made in a single copy. This piece of furniture is created by hand by our craftsmen of the highest class and complies with international quality standards. The production of carpets comes exclusively from natural and environmentally friendly materials.


Exclusive carpet products from Luxury Antonovich Design differ in a number of advantages. Carpets of individual sizes is an important element of interior decoration. They emphasize its uniqueness, because the production of carpets is done manually according to the old technology, as a result — high quality, strength, durability of the product.

Making custom carpets gives you a number of advantages:

— design, created for your interior;

— any size;

— the required form;

— individually selected colors;

— the possibility of choosing the material.

We will create for you a carpet according to a unique sketch. Starting from color schemes, exhibiting contrasts and symmetry of the future carpet, to a perfect selection by size — your carpet will be a combination of design ideas and your individuality.

You yourself determine the shape and size, because in Luxury Antonovich Design there is the widest choice of possible carpet products:

— round;

— oval;

— semi-elliptical shape;

— square;

— rectangular;

— figured.

In our showroom you will find carpets created by the best craftsmen. Selecting the range, we rely on modern trends in interior design, where textiles stylistically support the carpet and vice versa. For Luxury Antonovich Design each client and his needs are important. That is why we take the most unusual orders and invite you to create your own handmade carpet. In our showroom, designers will be happy to help you find the required size, color, texture and design of a new carpet. People are the greatest value of our company. Due to this, our customers can always count on professionalism and support on every stage of cooperation.

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