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How To Buy A Great Sofa: Tips And Advices By Katrina Antonovich


A sofa is a central part of the living interior. Well-chosen furniture meets two requirements: it must be comfortable and stylish. We have collected professional recommendations from Katrina Antonovich, which are necessary in order to choose a sofa that fits perfectly into your interior. Like any furniture in the house, it must play in a team with all its elements.

Katrina Antonovich Gives Advices For Choosing Best Sofa

Designers understand that in modern world neutral things are relevant, which look appropriate in a New York studio, Roman apartments and London penthouse. KA Furniture brand produces such collections.

A really high-quality sofa should be not only comfortable, but also wear-resistant, practical and easy to clean. Equally important, the sofa should ideally fit into the design of the room, because as the largest piece of furniture, it can coolly change the appearance of the entire interior.


Life hacks from Luxury Antonovich Design:

  1. Installation location. Consider the location of the sofa and whether the passage will be preserved when you expand it.
  2. Purpose of purchase. Think, you need a sofa for a daily rest or for your living or guest room?
  3. The load. Estimate the general load on the sofa — whether the child will sleep on it or it will be an adult with bigger weight.
  4. Reliability of the mechanism. Pay attention when inspecting the metal parts of the sofa — all metal connections should be in order.
  5. Sit and lie on the couch. Analyze sensations and the level of comfort.
  6. The quality level. Inspect and evaluate whether everything is done neatly. So you can appreciate the level of professionalism of manufacturing.
  7. The guarantee for a truly high-quality sofa should be at least 18 months.

Bright colors and strict lines will suit the interior in modern style — loft or hi-tech, rounded shapes and neutral tones — is more in harmony with the classics. Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design do not recommend choosing the color of the upholstery to match the walls, so you risk losing it against the general background. And if it turns out that the sofa merges with the interior, highlight it with bright original pillows. Also, measure the dimensions, imagine whether the selected model will harmoniously look in a very large, or vice versa, too small room.

If you still have questions, we are waiting for you in our showroom, where our managers will help you to choose the right solution for your interior.

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