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A lot can be told about the character, taste and material well-being of a person by the interior of his house, which is based on furniture. Wood is the most common environmentally friendly material in modern homes. It bears on itself the stamp of time in the form of a pattern of annual rings and fills the house with natural powerful energy. Wooden furniture will look harmoniously both in city apartments and in country cottages. Luxury Antonovich Design is a company of high quality furniture production, which has been manufacturing custom-made wood furniture for many years.

Original custom-made wooden furniture performed by our designers is made from natural wood for your home according to your individual project is the best way to emphasize your peculiarity, refined style, as well as a chic version of interior decoration. We are ready to make furniture for living rooms, bedrooms, home offices, children's rooms, home theaters made of solid wood according to your ideas: our masters have at their disposal more than 70 different breeds of precious wood.


Luxury Antonovich Design is a team of professionals, including experienced cabinet makers, restorers, furniture designers, carpenters, assemblers, and furniture repair teams. One of the many activities of the company is the manufacture of non-standard custom furniture made of natural wood to order for your individual project. The production capacity of our company allows us to offer you the production of luxury and exclusive furniture to order. Of particular importance is the quality of the material allowed in production. The maximum of creativity and mastery is invested in every furniture element in full.

The task of the Luxury Antonovich Design masters is reduced to the art of emphasizing, highlighting the unique texture and natural strength of wood, shading it with the cold brilliance of steel or glass. Exclusive furniture made of wood, complemented by elements of glass, mirrors, metal, plastic will create a unique feeling of calm luxury. Wooden interiors are classics that trendy synthetic materials couldn’t supplant.

The main reasons to order luxury wooden furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design:

— style (the ability to create an original, unusual interior);

— comfort and convenience (the furniture is designed and created for high-grade rest and relaxation);

— prestige, status, underlined presence of taste by the owners (an enthusiastic impression of unusual design and high quality made on guests);

— reliability and durability (the furniture will last for many years with minimal care);

— safety (only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials).

Our author's furniture is made by hand, and our craftsmen, as sculptors, in each item put all their skills and artistic perception of the world. Our products are not only furniture, but also modern wooden sculptures that fit most of the popular modern styles.

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