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Handmade Carpets Of Premium Class


The room, furnished in one theme, requires a corresponding carpet. For classic, modern, fusion and other styles, exclusive carpets of our company are perfect. The colors and drawings are made in such a way as to fit harmoniously into any interior. A variety of sizes and shapes will make the room original and not like the others.

Katrina Antonovich - Incredible Carpets Designer

Luxury Antonovich Design Company for many years engaged in the manufacture of high-quality carpets. Modern products have absorbed the best technologies and experience gained over the years. Such a symbiosis provides many advantages, which together with aesthetic characteristics distinguish elite carpets from budget ones. The characteristics of the materials from which Luxury Antonovich Design carpets are made confirm the high wear resistance of the products. Unique design gives aesthetic appeal to the functional characteristics. Our advantage in the production of carpets are:

— Handmade high quality.

— At the heart of elite carpets are used only natural materials.

— Interesting, unique and very complex author's drawings.

— Using non-standard methods of decoration — Swarovski crystals, embossed surface.

— Long service life.


We offer high-quality premium class carpets that are made by hand using various technologies, traditional and modern. You can choose the material that is preferable to you:

— silk, wool or carpet suite of their combination,

— high-quality viscose, acrylic, polyester,

— natural flax, bamboo.

If you want to get advice from a professional designer on the choice of luxury carpet category, you are free to contact us in a convenient way. In addition, you can order the manufacture of premium carpet according to your sketch. The superiority of such a product will be beyond doubt, because the second one is not to be found. A lot of bright flashy drawings, a variety of colors, a large selection of sizes of products gives you a unique opportunity to purchase exactly the thing that fits perfectly into your interior. You will be amazed by the combination of unusual colors, such as beige with sky blue, coral, burgundy, dark blue, and high density carpet. Luxury Antonovich Design carpets will amaze with precision and luxury, they say a lot about the wealth and exquisite taste of their owner. Thanks to the harmony of colors in carpets, your home will become comfortable, where you will find inspiration and peace of mind.

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