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Handmade Carpets Design And Manufacture


Choosing a carpet is a crucial and final moment in interior decoration. When choosing a carpet, the question whether the carpet is better — machine-made or hand-made and how they differ is by all means. The sacrament of creating handmade carpet is a long and responsible process. Its technique, created many years ago, has not changed to this day. The carpet, on which there is a label handmade by Luxury Antonovich Design has exclusive qualities — uniqueness, environmental friendliness, lively energy and special sensual beauty that no machine can repeat. In addition, it is an opportunity to touch the culture and philosophy of carpet weaving, harmony in textures and patterns.

Katrina Antonovich - Fantastic Designer Of Carpets

All carpet designs are divided into two large groups — traditional and modern. In traditional carpets, the design does not change over the centuries. Only colors and individual elements can be modified. A team of professional artists, designers and carpet couturiers of Luxury Antonovich Design Company is working on the creation of modern carpets.


According to the artist’s drawing, the designer creates a carpet map or a so-called matrix and translates it into a language understandable to weavers. Handmade carpets can be woven from wool, silk, linen, cotton, viscose, bamboo fiber, eucalyptus or nettle. The most beautiful look carpets, which combine different materials.

Handmade carpets from Luxury Antonovich Design are exclusive interior items. Our own carpet factory produces a wide variety of carpets of the best quality. Manual carpet weaving is a long and laborious process. The methods for the manual production of carpets by our craftsmen differ, and the following techniques are distinguished:

— hand tufting;

— production of two layers of cotton;

— knot weaving.

The most expensive hand-woven carpets are made in a knotted way. They are considered to be the highest quality, beautiful and exclusive. Row after row, and a work of art by our carpet weaving master is born. The main difference of woven carpets is the presence of a nap. The carpet woven by hand from Luxury Antonovich Design has an identical pattern on both sides with the same intense brightness of colors, and the fringe is a continuation of the threads. Natural dyes (vegetable or mineral), which are used for dyeing hand-woven carpets and complex technology at all stages of production — weaving, dyeing, cutting — all this makes the hand-made carpet by Luxury Antonovich Design a unique, one-of-a-kind and expensive pleasure.

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