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Gypsum In Your House: Use Cases In Interior


Surprisingly, modern repair can not do without material that has been used in construction for more than a thousand years — without gypsum. We decided to share with you the main advantages of a variety of fit-out ideas based on gypsum, and talk about the possibilities of their use in your home.

Katrina Antonovich Talks About Gypsum Usage In Interior

The appearance of gypsum (plaster) literally “untied the hands” of architects and decorators, who often had to restrain their imagination. Now it’s much easier to repair or remodel the interior. Free space planning, multi-level ceilings, moldings, stucco and partitions of a very different configuration, shape and lines, arched, with windows and niches — all this has become available to anyone who wants thanks to the use of gypsum in interior decoration.


The interior, especially designed in classical style, requires elegant details: moldings, friezes, cornices, sockets. And the best material for this is architectural plaster. The stucco molding executed by professional hands of Luxury Antonovich Design craftsmen is incredibly beautiful. And besides this, such a simple and understandable material as gypsum has a lot of additional useful properties.

Luxury Antonovich Design provides a wide range of decor and fit-out options made of gypsum:

  • Columns
  • 3D partitions
  • Smooth profile cornices
  • Cornices with ornament
  • Pilasters
  • Sockets for chandeliers and lamps
  • 3D panels
  • Friezes
  • Column accessories and stucco decoration
  • Brackets
  • Gypsum portals and fireplaces
  • Decorative plaster stone

According to the manufacturing method, gypsum molding can be of three types: smooth-drawn, cast and stucco.

Stucco elements are a kind of aerobatics. Each fragment, like a sculpture, is fashioned by masters of Luxury Antonovich Design manually and using special tools. Usually it is a single element of decor.

Molded (cast) stucco molding is obtained by pouring gypsum mass into a prepared form, most often silicone or rubber. It can be bought ready-made, or made to order. As a rule, complex, ornate and often repetitive details are poured that are too laborious to do manually.

Smooth stucco are moldings, cornices and other elements that are impressive in length and simple in relief. They are obtained by pulling a template through a gypsum mass. A template can be a stencil or pattern. You can “pull” the stucco molding directly at the construction site and almost immediately mount.

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