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Exquisite Master Bedroom Fit-out


Classic interiors of bedrooms are filled with exquisite details of the decor and beautiful fit out of such rooms gives a lot of pleasure from the rest. Luxurious interior fit out projects of master bedroom are designed to bring people harmony, warmth and comfort. In design of the premium class bedroom from Luxury Antonovich Design, the rule of ergonomics is applied, it allows to choose the right room filling and fit out: furniture, lighting, fit out materials, decor.

Our professional team of architects and designers prefers to use in their work creativity and innovation, creating unique ideas for the design of master bedrooms, which will delight every resident and guest. Regardless of the style direction our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design always have something special to you.


Important aspects that our designers and decorators of Luxury Antonovich Design take into account when arranging a luxurious master bedroom with the best fit-out solutions are:

Color spectrum. To create the interior of this elite classic bedroom with baroque elements, our designers chose light, pleasant shades of milky color with a lot of gilding in plaster moldings, as well as in the decoration of a multi-tiered ceiling with gilded stucco moldings. An excellent choice for contrasting accents was the shade of purple, which can be traced in the upholstery of furniture, as well as in the pattern elements of the handmade designer carpet.

Furniture. The main requirement for furniture in Luxury Antonovich Design are ergonomics and exclusive beauty. For our designers, it is important to create an atmosphere where your sleep and rest are comfortable. Designers of fit out company Luxury Antonovich Design for the design of a classic bedroom recommend choosing furniture from natural wood of precious species. It is reliable, resistant to high loads and high humidity, plus, perfectly complements the whole interior design. Our experts in design with their unimaginably wide flight of fantasy, have created many beautiful beds designs. Each of them is individual in appearance and type of construction. Our company orders materials only from suppliers of recognized global elite brands. That is why all designs are reliable, durable and aesthetic.

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