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Exclusive Mosaic Decoration


Luxury Antonovich Design is an international company that manufactures highly artistic mosaic products based on the client's wishes — mosaic panels, mosaic inlays, mosaic patterns and mosaic gradiation. Mosaic is an elegant way to decorate your home. It can be laid on the floor, walls, decorate baths, pools and sinks. Mosaic can be used for fit-out not only living, but also office and other commercial premises. Mosaic from Luxury Antonovich Design easily becomes a highlight of the decor, while its properties do not differ from the classic tile.

Katrina Antonovich - Professional Interior Designer

Our workshop from Luxury Antonovich Design has more than 10 years of experience in the design and manufacture of mosaic products of different complexity: from simple abstract or geometric ornaments to reproductions of famous artists paintings. Company's specialists every year expand the color palette of imported mosaic material and improves their skills in a process of creating mosaic panels. We create exclusive projects, breaking stereotypes about the use of mosaic.

Our job is to make an exclusive decoration of any premises and create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. Our works are combined with any other fit-out materials and perfectly complement any interior. Mosaic products from Luxury Antonovich Design are distinguished by attention to detail and modern quality. We focus on modern technologies, and our art sector is able to transform any surface with mosaics according to the latest fashion tendencies.


The mosaic has a very wide scope: it is a great fit-out for walls and floor in any indoor premises, from kitchens to pools and bathrooms, as well as furniture surfaces, fireplaces, facades of buildings. The range of application of mosaic is quite wide. The mosaic decoration looks great in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bathroom, glass mosaic can be used for cladding steps, bowls of pools and even the outer walls of buildings. A rich assortment allows you to choose a mosaic that is suitable in its characteristics for a particular type of work. Mosaic decoration is a unique opportunity to add luxury to the decoration of your home.

Marble was the first material the company began to use for creating mosaics. It is used the longest, but over the years this material has been diversified with new colors, sizes, collections. Currently, there are many collections of marble mosaics, classical and traditional collections reproduce jewelry, rims and roses, made in the ancient mosaic technique, while the modern collections are created using the new ultra-modern technology.

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