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Embroidered Curtains And Accessories


Comfort in the house consists of little decorative things: curtains, drapes, shades and tulle. Every hostess knows how important it is to choose these accessories. The general perception of the room depends on them, they create the atmosphere in the house. One of the latest fashion trends in interior design is embroidery on curtains. The embroidery on curtains from Luxury Antonovich Design gives the house coziness and warmth, allows you to show a sense of taste, please your family and surprise guests. And embroidery on tulle is a great way to create a special style and the right atmosphere for the bedroom.

Katrina Antonovich creates amazing curtains decor

Individual embroidery design will create your own unique style of curtains and the overall interior design of the house. And the use of metallic gold and silver threads will give a special shine and chic to the curtain product. In addition to traditional floral and geometric embroidery patterns, our designers create the original decorative applique elements. Embroidery can be made on various textures from the thinnest veil to the thick fabric for curtains. A wide palette of embroidery thread shades and high professionalism of the designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Company will allow to bring your ideas to life with great precision.


Curtain embroidery from Luxury Antonovich Design is an indicator of refined style and taste. Our company has its own embroidery studio, equipped with the most modern embroidery equipment. Our craftswomen can perform embroidery on your finished sketch, or create for you an original and exclusive design. It can be any images and inscriptions, logos and patterns, embroidered initials. Anything that your fantasy wishes. The company's technologies allow us working with various materials. In addition to standard textiles, we can easily make embroidery on fabrics from silk or organza, on curtains of satin and velvet and many other fabrics.

Our specialty in the decoration of curtains is a professional approach to work, an unsurpassed quality of embroidery and the ability to find an individual solution for the task. We put our strength and inspiration into embroidery, that's why it turns out to be so beautiful. And the use of high-quality consumables, first-class equipment and special technologies make it possible to achieve excellent quality and durability.

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