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Elite Custom Tables Of Marble


Table is the central piece of interior furniture, one of the main attributes of any home. If you are looking for exclusive tables for the living room, bedroom, dining area, study, hall or commercial room, you have come to the address — Luxury Antonovich Design offers you unique design solutions in the best performance — exclusive tables of marble, which embody the unshakable style and impeccable beauty. Natural stone in the interior is always expensive and elegant, so by purchasing such a table, you become the owner of an exquisite piece of furniture that emphasizes the high status of the owner.

Katrina Antonovich - Interesting Design Solutions

Marble is an amazing material with a pleasant to the touch texture and a variety of patterns and colors. In addition to the natural beauty of marble tables, we should remember about their durability and reliability. The team of our designers has created unique masterpieces of furniture art, using long-term world traditions and modern original techniques. In our company you will find an incredible variety of shapes and configurations, colors and materials. The original custom tables made by our qualified craftsmen will be of high quality, durable, stylish and reliable at the same time.

Unusual custom tables from Luxury Antonovich Design, manufactured in-house, have a number of characteristics:

— exclusive design (with inlaid gems, mother-of-pearl, gilding);

— abundance of fit-out materials for counter tops (marble, onyx, rare woods);

— the originality of textures combination (glossy, matte, polished);

— surprising unusual shapes of legs and table tops (carved, curved);

— unexpected color palette and a variety of patterns.


We trust only the most experienced of our professional furniture makers to work with marble to get an incredibly attractive and luxurious result. Valuable wood, as well as elegant and stylish forging are worthy of framing marvelous marble. We suggest you to choose a designer marble table from our company, as we are confident in the flawlessness and durability of our premium furniture.

Due to these differences, designer tables from Luxury Antonovich Design organically fit into various types of interior — at home, office room, hotel, restaurant, salon. Since all designer furniture is primarily based on individuality, thanks to the designer tables, each room acquires its own style.

Tables from Luxury Antonovich Design have impeccable quality, are made using innovative developments in the industry and in accordance with strict European standards. Our talented professional designers are engaged in the development of design of elite tables, therefore each product is a kind of art object. Style, practicality, rich functionality, reliability — such furniture is created by our company with rich traditions.

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