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Elegant Glass Doors Design


Glass is becoming increasingly popular and is actively used in a variety of interiors. It does not load the space, but rather makes it lighter and easier, it does not require special care and does not deteriorate over the years. The scope of application of glass structures is limited only by design creativity. All products of glass doors by Luxury Antonovich Design Company are safety tempered glass with the use of water-proof fittings, which are distinguished by simple installation and easy maintenance. They not only look beautiful, but are completely safe to use.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer Of Elegant Glass Doors

Thanks to new technologies for the production of glass doors we use heavy-duty tempered glass. There are three main categories of glass doors: — sliding — occupy a minimum of space and expand the space of the room; — pendulum — used mainly in public places, as it is convenient to open them in any direction; — swing — traditional doors that are suitable for a residential building and apartment. Luxury Antonovich Design presents unusual handmade designer glass doors for every taste. Thanks to a large range, you can choose creative and modern doors for any interior.


In addition to the strength and reliability of glass construction, these doors have such advantages as:

— universality of design — these doors can have different textures, colors, transparency and haze, framing with different materials — wood, metal, which greatly simplifies the choice of interior space;

— long-term — because of the glass, the door will be less susceptible to the effects of the sun, heat and moisture, they are not subject to corrosion;

— simple care — they are easy to wash, wipe from dust;

— safety of design — the extra strong tempered glass is used for the manufacture.

Glass doors is a sign of good tone and a sample of excellent taste in the interior. When you decide to use a glass door in the interior — it means that you prefer beauty and originality. Glass doors can rightfully be considered one of the most original way to decorate a room. The image on the door leaf can be very diverse and adapt to the overall idea of the interior. The best way to embed a glass door in the interior will be the use of decorative elements. By adding a mosaic or embossing, and maybe even an artistic door carving, you turn it into an object of art and fit well into the interior of the room.

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