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The interior of the house works on the reputation of its owner, elegant furniture will help make it more presentable and solid. Luxury Antonovich Design offers you an exquisite collection of respectable upholstered and cabinet furniture for home, restaurant or office. Taking care of comfort should also be combined with giving the interior a unique elite look, which is beyond the power of using a standard set of objects. Exclusive respectable custom furniture is a solution to this issue.

Katrina Antonovich - Author Of Presentable And Respectable Furniture

Designers and decorators, technologists and heads of production departments of Luxury Antonovich Design Company have put a lot of effort into finding a way to produce presentable furniture with high quality finishes made of modern materials, while maintaining the classic technology. 

Furniture under the brand of Luxury Antonovich Design can be seen in elegant cottages, modern apartments, fashionable restaurants and respectable offices. A constant attribute of our furniture is the guaranteed quality of the finishing, provided by the continuous control of production processes, the use of certain technologies that are the company's secret, as well as high-quality fittings. The design department constantly works on the improvement of furniture designs, the development of new products and the optimization of production processes.


Exclusive designer furniture sets of precious wood and refined upholstery harmoniously fit into any interior, adding unique features and a sense of aristocratic luxury. The production of furniture from solid wood is a fundamental moment in the creation of luxury exclusive sets. The use of environmentally friendly materials of special strength and durability makes it possible to create not just furniture, but real works of art.

Our designers advise choosing massive furniture made of precious wood. After all, then it will allow focusing on the presentability and exclusivity of the entire interior, as well as emphasize the aesthetic taste of the owner. As for the upholstery, it is better to use for this purpose silk velvet, satin, silk, leather and other natural materials with a rather restrained and unobtrusive ornament or pattern. The massive furniture of dark shades in a light interior looks really effectively. It disposes to pleasant rest and communication. Of course, the furniture must be in harmony with the decor, various accessories that are available in the interior.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company manufactures exclusive custom-made furniture available worldwide. The use of design services will allow you to take into account every little thing in creating the decor and finishing of furniture compositions, and then experience the real pleasure from seeing such beauty. We will take into account all your wishes, as well as the technical capabilities of the premises. Our experts have the necessary knowledge to make furniture has its originality and unique design.

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