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Designer Approach To Small Kitchen Fit-Out


A small-sized kitchen can be cozy and super-functional. Simply, its arrangement requires a little more careful planning and non-standard design and interior fit-out solutions. 

Katrina Antonovich - Professional Designer of Classic Style Kitchens

Classic style never gets old, does not lose its relevance and is always a sign of refined taste. That is why the kitchen in classical style by Luxury Antonovich Design is a smart and competent solution that allows combining such important properties of this room as practicality, style and comfort.

The main task of our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design in a process of creating the interior and fit-out works of this small-sized kitchen is to use all available space as much as possible, organize storage, take care of ergonomics, functionality and convenience. The main principles used by our designers for the organization of this kitchen are the presence of a storage area, washing, as well as a working area for cooking. That is why for the organization of the kitchen space it was chosen a linear model, where cabinets and household appliances are installed along the wall.


The role of decoration in the interior of the kitchen by Luxury Antonovich Design is difficult to overestimate. The quality of fit-out materials determines how durable the renovation will be, and their appearance directly affects the aesthetics and comfort of the room. The motto of the classic kitchen with elements of minimalism — the more organized the better. Smooth surfaces of kitchen furniture and household appliances seem to merge with the rest of the fit-out. There are not much bright details, decor or open shelves — just perfect cleanliness and correct lines.

Given the intensity of operation, the flooring in the cooking zone is durable, resistant to moisture, easy to clean and non-slippery. Such marble floor fit-out by Luxury Antonovich Design can be called traditional for interior of the kitchen in classic style. The marble tile used in this project was made in beige tones, and the dark edging around the kitchen perimeter with a marble texture makes the floor contrast. The flooring fit-out in this case echoes the decoration of the walls. Light beige walls in the kitchen are decorated with curls of coffee and chocolate shades, which echo in color with the classic wooden furniture with textured facades. The classic interior of the kitchen suggests restraint, moderate and strict decor, so, the laconic design with a ceiling cornice, decorated with carvings and gilding perfectly fits the ceiling fit-out.

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