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Decorative Pillows Design Ideas


Decorative pillows from Luxury Antonovich Design have long become an important part of the textile decoration of many rooms. You can meet this functional and at the same time decorative element not only in living rooms, but also bedrooms, children's rooms, dining rooms and even kitchen spaces of a modern home. With the help of the original design of decorative pillows from Luxury Abtonovich Design you can set a certain mood in the room, as well as create a beautiful picture in any interior style.

Katrina Antonovich - Famous Decorative Pillow Designer

In addition to performing its main function — ensuring the most comfortable location in the recreation area of any room, pillows can act as an accent element of the interior, being executed in a bright or contrasting form, or serve as a guide in choosing a stylistic direction in the design of the space.

If calm tones prevail in the design of your home and it lacks colorful accents, then decorative pillows designed by Luxury Antonovich Design can make the interior bright and expressive. And in order for the space to have a modern look, pay attention to the colors that are considered to be trendy today.


Regardless of the features of its design, decorative pillow will create not only an aesthetic look of the room, but also additional comfort. The most popular are the square shape for the sofa, round and rectangular, as well as rollers. However, in addition to standard solutions, our designers of Luxury Antonovich Design can also offer rather unusual ones.

The brighter the pattern on the decorative pillow is, the more lively the atmosphere in the room will be. And if we talk about fashion trends, it should be noted that today fabrics with floral prints and pictorial designs are still popular. Low-key neutral geometry can add chic to your kitchen. Ethnic motives will add a more playful mood. If we are talking about a child's room, then such warm colors as purple and pear will work well, and violet will add a little brightness, which can be diluted with pastel tones.

In the classic interior of the room there should be velvet cushions with luxurious fringe from Luxury Antonovich Design. The minimalist interior looks great with leather cushions. Conciseness and restraint of the material perfectly complement the style. Do you like fur cushions imitating animal skins? Then your interior should be designed in the style of safari. Colors, textiles and ornament accessories become a link with the rest of the room decor elements. The combination of wall decorations in the form of panels, paintings with pillow material will emphasize the harmony of the overall interior.

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