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Decorative Ornamental Gypsum Ceiling Fit-Out


The decoration of the ceiling plays a decisive role for the aesthetics of the entire interior design. There are a lot of ways to decorate the ceiling, and one of them is stucco — decoration of the ceiling plane by various figured and ornamental elements made of gypsum. When creating a ceiling decor in Luxury Antonovich Design, the structural elements of the ceiling are underlined with the help of such molded parts as medallions, sockets, friezes, moldings, fillets, cornices and panels.

Katrina Antonovich - Skilled Interior Designer

Gypsum medallions for interior and exterior decor from Luxury Antonovich Design will bring a real highlight to the overall atmosphere. A gypsum medallion created according to a historical, biblical or antique plot is beyond any competition. Making gypsum medallions allows us to work through even the smallest details, since this material is easily processed. It is durable and environmentally friendly.

To highlight lamps and chandeliers, Luxury Antonovich Design masters traditionally use rosettes — in a classic form, embossed decorative elements of a round shape with a floral ornament. However, today many other types and methods of creating ceiling sockets are used in interior design and ceiling fit-out. Ceiling sockets can be harmoniously incorporated into a variety of styles — classical, art deco, modern or eclectic.


Classic sockets created in Luxury Antonovich Design workshop can be in the form of a circle or oval, according to the type — it is medallions or dome elements. Classic sockets can be of the simplest type, for example, a round molding without any embossed decorations, or with intricate floral ornaments. According to the configuration, they can be not only in the form of a circle or an oval, but also in a rhombic form or in the form of a circle inscribed in a square.

In the case when you want to give the interior a special chic, the most advantageous solution is the use of gypsum medallions and borders from Luxury Antonovich Design, used as ceiling decorations. Luxury Antonovich Design workshop offers a wide range of decorative elements for ceiling fit-out. The device of the ceiling decor, decoration of lamps and chandeliers, provides ample opportunities for the realization of original ideas for our designers.

In our stucco workshop from Luxury Antonovich Design Company you can choose different gypsum ceiling medallions and sockets that highlight the beauty of chandeliers and lamps and give a luxurious look to your ceiling. If you are at a loss with a choice of a form or an ornament, skilled interior designers of Luxury Antonovich Design will help you to make the correct decision. If you are looking for original or exclusive decor for your home, stop the choice on the plaster medallions made by our craftsmen.

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