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Decorative Interior Wall Panels


The result from the work of fit-out of the walls depends on the professionalism of the master, and on the choice of the right material. In the manufacture, installation of wall panels is important environmental friendliness of the material, strength and geometric shapes. Decor is also important — it is the external coating of the panels. It must be of high quality, aesthetic and safe.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer of Interior Wall Panels

Decorative panels for walls from Luxury Antonovich Design are fully developed and manufactured according to unique designs. Thanks to their own style and original models they have become a brand that creates fashion. Our company has become a sought-after brand in the decoration and fit-out sector, thanks to multi-tasking products and designs that provide harmony between different styles and ease of use in indoor and outdoor spaces. Decorative wall panels by Luxury Antonovich Design can have many models with the texture of natural stone, brick, concrete, rock, wood and a special texture. Panels made by our company have combined in themselves an aesthetic look, created by combining this nature and a peculiar design approach, and thanks to the careful work from the order to the implementation stage, as well as the support provided.


Decorative interior panels from Luxury Antonovich Design are used to obtain a powerful specific effect, expressed in various reliefs and textures. Such panels in the interior fit-out look very original and unusual, they find wide application in various styles, depending on the chosen texture and the applied color on the surface. At Luxury Antonovich Design Company, wall panels have a different, protruding relief, forming smooth, flowing waves, leather or wood texture, polished concrete, and so on. Due to bold color solutions, our panels are widely used in a wide variety of styles, from classic to modern interiors, thereby creating a unique and pleasant atmosphere. These panels are made of heavy-duty material of high density and have an individual pattern that never repeats.

There are diamond-shaped, square, oval and other shapes of these amazing interior walls panels. There are also classic drawings, wave-like motifs. It is possible to order panels stylized as masonry, tile and so on. Bright wall panels help to place accents in the interior, highlight specific areas in the room, as well as the whole room. When installing the panels they can be arranged in different ways. This allows creating a wealth of drawing, and the room gets a luxurious look. If you arrange the backlight on the interior panels, they will start to play with new colors. Light is applied from point lamps. When exposed to embossed images, the light emphasizes every detail, creating a highlight of the design solution.

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