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Decorative Contemporary Interior Design


You'll notice how our designers incorporated the neutral shade in this interior design. The strategy of layering colors, textures, and shapes with accents of metal finishes elevates the standard palette that creates a neutral space look more modern. We surprise each client of ours with fresh ideas and design style that will be in trend for the year. We make sure to add remarkable progress with different materials and our renowned designer Katrina Antonovich creates designs that has mesmerizing details that always lands on the top list of the interior design trend. Her work, together with the team of professional designers of Luxury Antonovich Design always exceeds client's expectations. 


Our designers wanted to highlight the home's natural charm by highlighting natural touches. The incorporation of timeless materials such as marble tiles makes the surface more complementary with the neutral interior. Marble has always been a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing material that adds a visual balance to the room. It also complements the richness of the metallic gold accents which exudes luxurious vibes. 

  • This year, the trend in interior design tends to bend over a warmer color palette. This gives your home interior a brighter and warmer feel making it look and feel cozier. 
  • Geometric patterns also make a comeback. You will notice the geometric shapes in the rug under the sofa which also has a beautifully patterned upholstery. The geometric pattern has always looked very modern and fresh. It's still classic and it's perfectly placed at the center of the sitting room set to add texture and pattern play. 
  • Statement chandelier is one of Luxury Antonovich Design's signature element. They make sure to add a nice focal point to the room giving it a luxurious feel. The round abstract chandelier gives the room a modern feel and it makes the ceiling look more bright. 
  • Fresh planters are also another way to lift up the mood in your home. Having a nice set of plants does not only look aesthetically pleasing but it is also good for your health as it helps cleanse the air naturally. 

Our team of professionals makes sure to install smart and energy-saving appliances that will give your living an upgrade. It is best to consult professionals when it comes to designing your home. Our team will make sure that you'll get the value of your money by creating the best interior home solutions for you. Do not hesitate to reach out and let us know how you want your dream interior to be designed and we'll help you with every step of the way. 

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