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Customized Process Of Carpet Manufacture


Have you ever wanted to diversify your interior, add some amazing detail to it that all the guests coming to your house would remember? The answer has been found — a designer carpet made by renowned designers of Luxury Antonovich Design Company can become such a detail. We present to your attention handmade carpets. These are unique carpets made to your individual sizes. Their uniqueness is that they embody your ideas about the perfect carpet. 

Katrina Antonovich Will Tell You Everything About Original Carpet Design

A distinctive feature of author's carpets, created to order, is an individual design, the sketch of which is developed on the basis of the features and characteristics of your interior: made-up style, textile interior decoration, decorative elements, features of furniture arrangement. Our carpet factory has a palette in which there are more than 1,500 colors and shades that make it easy for you to choose the perfect color scheme that will harmonize with the rest of the interior design elements. High-quality handmade carpets of high density will amaze you with their beauty and convenience.

Carpets can be made of your choice of various materials. In the process of producing handmade carpets from Luxury Antonovich Design expensive natural materials are used, such as 100% New Zealand elite wool, delicate silk, exquisite cashmere fiber, and other natural threads and their combinations — acrylic, viscose, wool, cotton, bamboo, camel wool.


An impressive advantage of designer rugs by Luxury Antonovich Design is the ability to fulfill an order in a wide variety of shapes and non-standard sizes. Our talented artists and designers will create a carpet for your interior taking into account individual sizes. It will be designed in such a way that it will be able to elegantly bend around the legs of furniture or it will be stylized in the form of a flower, repeat and frame the design. Such an original custom carpet from Luxury Antonovich Design is able to transform any aristocratic space, to become the main focus in the house.

Handmade in the manufacture of custom-made carpets from Luxury Antonovich Design gives them a special status of inimitable luxury and a sense of exclusivity. Elite carpet products made by hand according to unique sketches can overshadow even real pieces of art, because the author's carpets of our company have the beauty and originality of your home. The design department of our company is working to create original and unique carpets. Their amazing designs emphasize your individuality, help to create a special atmosphere and add comfort.

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