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Custom-Designed Wardrobes


For each of us, home is associated with warmth, coziness, comfort and order. In order to create all these necessary goods in every home, a well-designed interior design and properly selected furniture play a huge role. However, to accommodate all the necessary household items it is best to organize a dressing room. A wardrobe room to order from Luxury Antonovich Design can be one of the solutions.

Katrina Antonovich - Talented Wardrobe Designer

The wardrobe room executed by our masters is not just one more room in your house. This is a unique storage system, a guarantee of order and a guarantee of good mood. Each project is a product of the thoughts of engineers, designers and architects of Luxury Antonovich Design Company. Their creative work together can not attract those who care about the order in the house and loves beauty.

The creation of a separate dressing room in the house, which can be of a general and private character, will help to realize the dream of compact placement of clothes. The presence of a specially equipped isolated room:

— will get rid of bulky furniture in living spaces (cabinets, wardrobes, dressers, etc.);

— arrange storage of belongings;

— ensure the integrity of clothing, shoes, hats;

— exclude the loss of small things (gloves, socks, tights, underwear, ties, scarves, handkerchiefs);

— protects things from getting dirty.


Furniture, designed to order specifically for the dressing room — is an effective and functional solution to the problem of storage. Luxury Antonovich Design Company specialists will advise you in detail on all issues of interest, as well as demonstrate the high quality materials used in the manufacture of wardrobes. Furniture for a dressing room has several advantages. A room set aside for storage of things frees up space in other living spaces, and each item will take its place in the dressing room.

Roomy, functional, thought out to the smallest detail and made of quality materials — all this is a dressing room, designed by our experts. Luxury Antonovich Design propose the service of turnkey wardrobe to order. At your service are several racking systems that can be used for wardrobe rooms and a large selection of accessories (baskets, hang-up lifts and much more). Internal filling of wardrobe rooms is the most various. These are closed and open shelves, hangers, dressers, drawers. The manufacture of a furniture set by Luxury Antonovich Design is started only after a careful measurement of the premises, the coordination of a detailed design project and the processing of the order by the designer. For our specialists there are no minor details, you can ask them all your questions. Each detail will be selected based on the characteristics of a given room, as well as taking into account your wishes regarding the appearance and performance characteristics.

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