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Construction And Technical Expertise Of Real Estate


The construction process is very complicated and requires a competent approach. The design covers the whole process of construction a future building. During its implementation, the architectural appearance of the structure is laid, planning, foundation and many other factors are taken into account. Properly written documents at the preparatory stage are a necessary condition for the safety of the future building.

Luxury Antonovich Design has a huge multi-year experience in the field of construction and expert activities, we implemented the concept of organizing the provision of a full range of expert work, both judicial and independent, in the field of construction and technical expertise of projects, communications and construction estimates, and technical supervision , as well as the definition of damages of different kinds.


Construction and technical expertise from Luxury Antonovich Design is a special process of determining the correspondence between the specified parameters of an investment-construction project or the characteristics of a real estate object. Such expertise is carried out in accordance with the legislation to obtain information on the quality of the work performed and the safety of the facility’s operation, and also ascertain the compliance of the construction of the facility with the technical standards, project documentation and project estimates.

The construction experts of Luxury Antonovich Design Company take part both in the maintenance of construction and in the verification of construction at its separate stages. Our company provides services in the following types of construction expertise:

  1. Technical inspection of buildings and structures;
  2. Services of construction surveying;
  3. Technical supervision services;
  4. Real estate examination;
  5. Expertise of construction and engineering communications;
  6. Examination of construction projects;
  7. Examination of construction estimates;
  8. Quality control for construction and installation works;
  9. Volume and cost control of construction and installation works;
  10. Construction and technical expertise of engineering systems and communications;
  11. Technical inspection of buildings, structures and construction sites ;
  12. Examination of the quality of construction and repair work;
  13. Examination of the suitability of living quarters for living;
  14. Examination of design estimates.

Possessing knowledge and experience in areas related to various types of construction and engineering activities, the expert builders of Luxury Antonovich Design will provide you with quality and qualified assistance and will conduct construction and technical expertise in order to solve a wide range of tasks in this kind of expertise.

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