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Classic Hall Interior Design and Fit-out


Equipping an apartment or a house, Luxury Antonovich Design specialists pay special attention to the design, decoration and fit out of the hall interior. The space of the entrance zone is organized by our masters in the most comfortable and functional way. At the same time, the interior of the hall fits perfectly into the overall stylistic concept of the beautiful house.

Katrina Antonovich - Professional Interior Designer in Classic Style

In this project, the hall presents a spacious room with a small stone staircase leading upstairs. The thoughtful interior and fit out of the hall emphasizes the impeccable taste of the owners and the status of the room, and also places guests in a pleasant atmosphere.

The basic principles of interior fit out of the hall from Luxury Antonovich Design — the definition of the stylistic design of the room. In this project, the classical style was chosen — the embodiment of sophistication and simplicity. Classic involves the use of natural and rich materials. 


For decoration the hall in classic style, our designers from Luxury Antonovich Design have chosen mirrors, paintings, candlesticks, tall floor vases and sculptures. Mirrors perfectly visually expand the space. The interior of the hall was decided to issue in light shades. For the hall interior fit out, a combination of light and dark shades, as well as the color selection of functional areas, were chosen. The stylistic concept of the hall by Luxury Antonovich Design is characterized by expressive shades and intricate forms of furniture. The hall interior is furnished with elegant classic chairs of intricate shapes, creative decor, fantasy lighting and all sorts of bright accents. Here everything is permeated with delicate chic. Laconic gilded stucco decoration serves as a frame for art paintings and sets the geometry of space. Elegant vaulted ceiling — characteristic of the antic style, gives the interior solemnity, creating a play of shadows from built-in lamps and luxurious crystal chandeliers with gilded elements.

The other important stage in fit out the interior design of the hall by Luxury Antonovich Design is the choice of flooring. To fit out the hall in classic style, only strong materials that can be quickly cleaned of dirt are suitable — marble and porcelain stoneware with amazing patterns in the form of waves. Thus, our designers managed to create a truly impressive design that will become a worthy “face” of your home.

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