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Chandelier Assembly and Installation


In modern repair or fit-out works the lighting from Luxury Antonovich Design is planned in such a way that it can be adjusted, re-tuned and changed. Our interior designers distinguish four levels of illumination: upper, two medium and lower. Ceiling-mounted lamps and chandeliers are attributed to the upper level, wall lamps and floor lamps belong to the first middle level. Lamps on window sills, coffee tables and bedside tables — the second middle level, and lamps in the form of floor light sculptures and built into the floor or baseboard belong to the lower lighting.

Katrina Antonovich is known like a talented Interior Designer

Each tier has its own specific functionality: if you want to work, create an invigorating atmosphere in the room, you can turn on the overhead light. If there is a need to think or dream in the twilight, the lamp on the windowsill or the coffee table would be perfect. If you need an intimate atmosphere with a reflection of warmth and comfort, the bottom lighting is just right. A small lamp on a flexible leg, mounted on the wall with a soft diffused light is a great option for reading.


In order to properly hang the chandelier, you must use the services of an experienced electrician that work in Luxury Antonovich Design. Only a professional wizard will be able to determine the appropriate mounting method, ensure the correct installation and supply of electricity. For installation the chandelier, our electricians perform the following sequence of actions:

— shutdown of power supply indoors;

— assembly of the chandelier, checking the mounting system;

— dismantling of the old lighting fixture (if needed);

— installation of chandeliers;

— connection to the mains;

— verification of performance and declared functions.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company produces a full range of electrical installation services. We produce design, installation and warranty service of lighting devices of any type and purpose. Our skilled workers will cleanly and efficiently perform work in the shortest possible time — they will correctly and reliably carry out such works as: installing a sconce, installing a ceiling chandelier, installing ceiling lights, while not violating the integrity of the interior, safely placing the junction box and switches of your chosen type, organize a zone type of lighting and the desired degree of illumination in each zone.

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