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Ceremonial Entrance Hall Fit-Out And Decor


Classic interiors require a professional and skillful approach. A rigorous study of the fundamental principles of decoration and fit-out in a given stylistic direction is necessary, a practice that includes various stages of mastery, without which it is impossible to create the beauty of classic interiors.

The main color of this project of a classic hall from Luxury Antonovich Design is a gentle creamy: walls, marble floor, upholstered furniture, carrying elements of the stairs. It is thinly diluted with highly artistic marble carpet in the recreation area and stairs. Our masters decorators created a light illusory atmosphere. The composition is built on thematic and color contrast to the main design and color of the interior.

The hall with all the magnificence of fit-out materials: marble, plaster stucco, elegant gilding of doors, interesting lamps — has its own architectural feature. Light beige walls and ceiling are decorated with golden stucco.


In order to create the desired image of a magnificent hall in classic style, our Luxury Antonovich Design professionals follow the canons of style.

— Use muted shades. The colors of fit-out are slightly restrained, but pleasant for perception, the emphasis is made on comfort.

— Natural materials. This condition helps in the embodiment of the previous canon, thanks to the natural color and texture of the surfaces. Natural materials have high performance, lively energy, as well as a kind of luxury, the presence of which is necessary in the classic interior of this beautiful hall from Luxury Antonovich Design.

— Compositional integrity. In this project of the hall the incredible compositional center was made by a magnificent stone staircase, paved with marble of two colors — white with thin gray veins, and beige — in the tone of the surrounding interior.

— Furniture in the classical hall from Luxury Antonovich Design has clear lines, shapes, tangible symmetry. It is decorated with carvings, pillars and other decorative details with gilding which echoes the fit-out of wall panels.

— Hall in the classical style is equipped with a multi-level lighting system that provides light to each section. The central place is occupied by an amazing luxurious crystal chandelier with pendants in the form of candles.

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