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Carpets With Geometric Patterns — Stylish Interior Element


Geometric shapes, patterns and images are key trends in design of modern interior. Geometry helps to create bright and stylish images, to balance and harmonize rooms, adding interesting, fresh touches to home decor. The variety of forms gives a unique shade of refinement to the house. Versatile, attractive geometric carpets are timeless and elegant. They can give a unique shade of sophistication and style to the modern interior.

Katrina Antonovich And Custom Carpets Of Geometric Patterns

Luxury Antonovich Design carpet, decorated with straight, smooth, zigzag lines and simple geometric shapes, allows you to play with both a monochrome palette and bright colors. Black and white, colored geometric ornaments are multifunctional, suitable for almost all styles of interior. An extensive catalog of Luxury Antonovich Design showroom will allow you to easily select and buy a carpet of this type.


Collection of custom carpets from our skilled designers is fully consistent with the rhythm of modern person life. If you have a room that is well-equipped but devoid of individuality, we advise you to pay attention to this collection. You will be amazed at how simple lines or geometric patterns instantly refresh and modernize your furniture. Your should also pay attention to the high quality of products, because Luxury Antonovich Design is known as one of the leaders in the field of carpet weaving. A beautiful carpet can become a highlight of any interior, filling space with meaning and placing accents in it.

Ornamental or abstract geometric pattern is one of the main patterns used to decorate carpets. It gives a feeling of stability and reliability, and a variety of geometric shapes (squares, rectangles, rhombuses, circles, ovals) and their combinations allows you to create original visual compositions, up to optical illusions. And if you want to decorate your house with a quality geometric patterned carpet, you can buy it in our Luxury Antonovich Design showroom. Our carpets with geometric patterns are used in almost all modern interior styles: avant-garde, art deco, pop art, modern, minimalism. The pattern may consist of simple or asymmetric shapes, smooth or blurry. To buy a carpet with a geometric pattern by Luxury Antonovich Design — this is a great solution to upgrade your interior!

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