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Best Interior Fit-Out Company in UAE


Harmony, coziness and comfort — these are the basic requirements that every home, apartment, office, restaurant or other establishment should meet. It is quite difficult to achieve compliance with these requirements, a lot of effort needs to be made. The most important criterion that defines a comfortable atmosphere in any room is a competent design, the correct arrangement of furniture, decorating elements, the correct observance of color schemes and many other details. All this can be taken into account only by qualified interior fit-out specialists with extensive experience who have undergone special training.

Best Interior Fit-Out Company in UAE

Luxury Antonovich Deign is one of the first top companies in the UAE market that offers comprehensive services of interior design, repair, fit-out and construction work of any turnkey complexity level with further furnishing and lighting design. We bring together experts from various directions in the field of interior design, fit-out and repair of building construction, and we are ready to solve and implement the design of both a one-room apartment and huge office buildings, from the facade to the production facilities.

Best Interior Fit-Out Company in UAE


Advantages of working with the top interior fit-out company Dubai:

— A 100% guarantee that all work will be completed on time, as we can plan our schedule.

— Official provision of the service — you are fully legally protected by the contract.

— Estimating and fixing the cost of work, which does not change in the process of fit-out.

— The ability to install video surveillance, so you can remotely monitor the progress of interior fit-out work through a laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Best Interior Fit-Out Company in UAE

The company of innovative solutions Luxury Antonovich Design offers its services in the field of luxury interior design and elite fit-out. At your service is a well-coordinated team, which includes designers, architects, decorators, builders, engineers and other specialists who are able to work together to create a unique and exclusive design fit-out project specifically for you. Professional design and fit-out of houses in UAE with the participation of our specialists will help to use the space of any layouts of apartments and houses with maximum benefit. We will make your home spacious and functional, using certain design tricks and techniques, the play of light, original color schemes, and innovative solutions.

Best Interior Fit-Out Company in UAE

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