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Luxury Antonovich Design is the best interior designer to build in and remodel your home or apartment and turn it into the best fit-out space. Renters and tenants would love a home where they can truly feel at home. Our company strives to build spaces uniquely and well thought-off for our clients. We conduct fit-outs not only for private houses but also for commercial spaces, such as restaurants, offices, hotels, resorts, and many more. We only deliver an excellent work that provides the best interior design solution starting from consultation up until the finished product. Our experience as an architecture and design company has made us to the top of the interior design empire. We value our client's time and money that is why we are the most sought after design company because no matter how difficult and complex the project is, we still manage to give it a clean and sleek aesthetic. We aim to provide the best quality service in the industry by providing growth and fuelling profitability to our clients.


When it comes to design you will never doubt our company and team. With our long years in the business, we have already mastered the desires of our clients. This interior design in the images below is a combination of neutrals and an accent of blue. It looks warm and cozy in which the white is used as the primary shade and blue serves as an accent color that gives the room tranquility and calmness. The classic style reflects elegance a calming vibe that you will truly love. The soft touch of blue to white spaces exudes serenity and comfortable style which provides you a calming space. Our standard timeline for each project is about four months long. Our expertise is delivering furniture which is modern and one of a kind. Each house interior design is personalized with what our client's characteristics are. This is one of the best attributes of our company. Being able to put in different styles and designs that would fit our client's wants and needs. We make sure that we curate the interior well 

  • Color: The color palette chosen is white, blue and gold and together these colors deliver a nice palette of sophistication
  • Accents: The metallic gold accents are the reflection of luxury and it gives a touch of warmth in the room. 
  • Fixtures: Chandeliers, personalized upholstery, stained glass ceiling, and all other elements are considered as fixtures. We provide everything and anything that adds value to the room to make it look more pleasing and aesthetically beautiful.


From more than a decade our expertise in design has helped us understand our client's demands, culture, and even their challenges when it comes to building their interior design. Luxury Antonovich Design can and will provide a full project process including the consultation, designing, procurement, and installation that will give life to your space. We will make sure that the design that we will construct fits your style and characteristics so you're home will be something you're proud of. We assure all our clients that they will not face difficulties at some point during their lease period. With our experience in the commercial interior fit-out industry, we make sure that we meet and fulfill all requirements and we make sure that the requirements will be met in time with amazing designs that are both practical and admirable. 

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