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Luxury fit-out in Dubai is a special service for those who want to get a presentable design and perfect quality of work done. In order to implement premium class fit-out, Luxury Antonovich Design is developing an exclusive, detailed design project, which allows the use of innovative finishing building materials, expensive elite designer furniture, modern equipment, as well as the popular “smart home” system.


Fit-out of premium class apartments in Dubai involves the professional implementation of construction, decoration, repair and design work. Such an elite turnkey renovation of apartments and houses is suitable for those who want exclusivity in everything, including the arrangement of their own housing. When developing a turnkey luxury fit-out project, the designers of our company use unusual architectural ideas — luxurious arches, pilasters, mosaics, paintings on ceilings and walls, non-standard decor and other original solutions. Often, decorative elements and furniture are custom-made using precious or rare materials to give the finish an even more sophisticated look. Each stage of luxury fit-out is accompanied and monitored by the best fit-out company specialist.



Fit-out works from the best company in Dubai includes redevelopment of rooms, leveling the surfaces of walls, ceilings, floors, laying marble, carpet, parquet, replacing doors and windows, refitting electrical networks, replacing heating radiators, and much more! If necessary, replacement of risers of water supply and heating, installation and connection of plumbing, installation of Internet points, TV can be carried out. Also, as part of the premium repair, installation and connection of split-system air conditioners is done.


This fit-out class is suitable for homes in need of a complete replacement or installation of new communications and other engineering networks. It can be both apartments in new houses (new buildings) and in houses of the secondary market where the owner wants to bring the apartment in a proper and reliable form. In this class of apartment fit-out, the best company in Dubai includes the laying of new plumbing pipes, laying or replacing wiring with a new one, air conditioning and ventilation. Also, our best finishing works includes such works as plaster installation, floor screed, installation of new partitions made of brick, block, drywall; installation of ceilings, multi-level or one level of drywall or suspended ceilings — everything to make your home look stylish, cozy and sophisticated. Fit-out from Luxury Antonovich Design is an exquisite project, a unique design, expensive materials, and support by a specialist at each stage.


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