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Each of us faced with apartment renovation. But what do we really know about this? To make the apartment look really cozy and stylish it’s not enough just to glue the wallpaper and arrange the ceiling. Agree? Luxury Antonovich Design Company has been in the construction industry for more than a dozen years, and during this time thousands of projects have been worked out, but our guideline has always been quality, not quantity. Each subsequent client is no exception. Turning to our company, you can count on a professional individual approach.


Premium fit-out of interior by Luxury Antonovich Design is never performed according to templates, each project is developed individually, taking into account the wishes and fantasies of the client. Truly professional interior decoration in Abu Dhabi is a close-knit work of a whole team of specialists who have a great deal of experience. In this matter, every link is important, from the measurer to the people who perform the general cleaning at the end of fit-out works.



For refined luxury fit-out our company uses the most expensive and modern materials and technologies:

  • Floor.

For a luxurious finish, it will not be enough to lay a good laminate, standard tile, parquet board or even oak flooring on the floor. Palace multi-color parquet and gorgeous marble is what you need. The parquet consists of exotic multi-colored species of wood, which will make it possible to develop a unique pattern that will turn your apartment into a real palace. The refined design of the floor is the skillful combination of marble with artistic mosaics and palace parquet.


  • Ceiling and walls.

Ceilings can be made from expensive systems that perfectly absorb sound and also have low heat dissipation. Where appropriate, we will use stretch French ceilings with lighting and painting, or gypsum panels. We are engaged in this creative work only by highly professional artists who will be able to competently choose the color, texture and style.

For walls, we prefer the use of natural materials. Fit-out with natural stone, stained-glass windows, art forging, drapery made of silk, brocade and velvet looks very beautiful. For the material of the columns, gypsum and marble are best suited for their durability. Oak, crystal, mosaic, gold leaf, marble — this is not a complete list of materials that Luxury Antonovich Design uses for a real elite interior fit-out in Abu Dhabi.


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