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Agate In Home Decor And Interior Design


The main feature of our time is unlimited freedom of choice in everything. The scope of fit-out works is no exception. The development of technology and global exports has led to an abundance of various fit-out materials in all segments. Interior decoration with precious and semiprecious stones is one of the current trends in recent years.

Katrina Antonovich - Designer of Precious Interiors

Favorite material of Luxury Antonovich Design designers becomes unusually bright and contrasting agate. Agate is one of the most beautiful stones in the world. This material has translucency, and the combination of dark and light tones in this stone allows us to create real works of art from agate cuts, from which it is impossible to take your eyes off. Agate is ideal for modern interiors or interiors with elements of oriental luxury. Agate is used for fit-out of walls, columns, stairs, to create small architectural forms, paintings and furniture and bar counters. Interior decoration with agate gets on well with metal surfaces or other natural materials.


Agates are classified as decorative jewelry and ornamental stones. Natural agate stones have white, yellow, brown, gray, blue and even black colors. In one agate you can find bands of opposite colors: blue stone often includes white or yellow stripes. The red-brown gamma of agate is incredibly diverse, the stones may include gold, purple or bright orange. Gray agate often contains stripes of brownish hues.

A variety of ways to decorate the interior design using agate fit-out from Luxury Antonovich Design:

— Surface. Table, work surface in the kitchen, place for a sink in the bathroom — the overflow of color fascinates.

— Fireplaces and accent walls. Designers of Luxury Antonovich Design advises to adhere to minimalist design in a room with a similar masterpiece. The drawing of the mineral will always be the center of attention.

— Panels. The variety of shapes and shades inside the mineral is a great inspiration for artists.

— Decor. Geodes will decorate the house by themselves, no worse than vases and paintings. Thin sections of the mineral can replace the pendants on the chandeliers, and solid geodes (geological formations, closed cavities filled with mineral matter) can be used for lamps finishing.

Stunning decorative properties of agate slabs find their application in cladding the surfaces of ceilings and walls from Luxury Antonovich Design. Creating interiors, our designers use a variety of materials due to which living space acquires individuality. With the help of new technologies — illumination, gluing, processing, various possibilities of using stone appeared, which made it possible to take a fresh look at the interior design.

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