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Construction and Fit Out Services for Villas and Hotels

Construction Fit Out Villas and Hotels


The company "Luxury Antonovich Design" offers a full range of services in the field of construction, interior design, the design of offices, restaurants, hotels. Applying to our company, you will receive an author's design project. Each of our plans is developed individually without typical schemes and solutions. Working with us, you will have a future image of the interior in a photo-realistic image and technical documentation that will be required during construction or repair work.

We have assembled a team of specialists of the highest category who will be able to turn into reality the architectural solutions of any complexity, manage the entire project professionally, from the development and agreement of technical documentation to the object commissioning. The whole engineering and professional staff of the company have extensive experience, and high qualification in the field of engineering and construction and installation works, thanks to which our construction company provides a guarantee of quality performance of the tasks.

The main potential of the construction company "Luxury Antonovich Design" is concentrated in people — these are our employees, partners, and customers. Permanent professional growth and development of the company are achieved through the use of modern technologies, the introduction of new construction products. Our goal is to be the market leader. We increase the number of our projects and develop new ones. We have everything to achieve this goal: emerging markets, modern technologies, and highly motivated employees.


Interior fit-out and decoration is a large complex of repair and construction works, without which the whole interior design cannot be completed. Fit-out service in Dubai is a creative process that is why the result of all renovation and construction manipulations largely depends on the success of the interior design project.

Luxury Antonovich Design Company provides a wide range of fit-out works in Dubai, both interior and exterior, in compliance with all European and world standards; we use the latest equipment, which allows us to give a guarantee for the work that we performed.

Luxury Antonovich Design staff includes more than 150 labor — among them 10 lead engineers, painters, plasterers, mosaic tile layers, electricians, plumbers, plasterboard installers, and many other narrow specialists with many years of experience. Each of them is a true professional in his craft and makes his internal fit-out work flawlessly.


Complex interior fit-out works from Luxury Antonovich Design include the following areas:

  • wall preparation and topcoat application;
  • preparation and painting of ceilings;
  • suspended ceilings;
  • wall, ceiling, and floor decoration;
  • plastering and putting;
  • selection and wallpapering;
  • paint and painting services;
  • installation of drywall (plasterboard);
  • leveling screed;
  • plumbing works (installation of bathtubs, sanitary equipment, boilers);
  • electric installation work ( including air conditioners, heating and ventilation systems installation);
  • stone flooring (stone tile, stone slabs, natural pebbles, stone mosaic with different types of finishing stones — marble, granite, onyx, limestone, slate);
  • carpentry services;
  • tinsmith services;
  • parquet and wooden flooring;
  • decorative plasterwork and mosaics;
  • stucco and gypsum decoration;
  • woodworking;
  • window frames, doors, railings;
  • window glazing and painting;
  • decorative interior lighting and built-in ambient light;
  • roller shutters and security shutters;
  • home and commercial elevator installation.

There are several types of renovation projects Luxury Antonovich Design Company works on in the residential sector:

  • Master bedroom and other family rooms remodel; 
  • Kitchen remodels; 
  • Bathroom remodels; 
  • Home offices and cinemas; 
  • Laundry rooms repair; 
  • Finished basements; 
  • Finished attics; 
  • Swimming pool and gym fit-out; 
  • Custom interior improvements. 


Luxury Antonovich Design specializes in commercial fit-out and office interior refurbishment projects in Dubai. The perception of the interior design of the premises directly depends on the quality of the fit-out works performed by the contractor. Internal office repair and fit-out tasks Dubai performed by our masters:

Installation and replacement of plumbing (Replacing the riser, installation of water supply, installation of water filters, sinks, toilets, and other plumbing equipment).

Plasterboard works (Installation of walls, ceilings, and plasterboard partitions, with which you can make an exciting re-planning of your office space).

Floor coverings (We provide first-class floor solutions. Our professionals install underfloor heating; install tiles made of marble and other stones, laminate, parquet, etc.).

Plaster works (All curved walls are leveled, cracks are removed, and plastering works of any complexity are carried out. We work with any finishing materials, liquid wallpaper, Venetian plaster, or other decorative plaster).

We help our customers to choose the right office design and interior fit-out that will fit the company. We make a complete estimate for the repair and fit-out works of the office, pay attention to the quality of building materials, and guarantee the professionalism of our team.


The most qualified and competent experts of Luxury Antonovich Design can provide you with fit-out works of any kind building up to the smallest detail. From the plastering, decorative plaster insulation, and sanitary ware, parquet or another type of flooring, gypsum works and wallpapering and painting, up to the great fit-out works that only most talented designers and decorators will work on: decorative wall panels — 3D wall panels, exquisite carved wooden ceiling, and walls, stained-glass, plastic and gypsum arts, interior wall painting and murals.

When it comes to interior design our company provides you with such services:

  1. partial or complete interior design ideas, projects, and 3d visualizations;
  2. functional space interior zoning;
  3. reposition of space interior;
  4. partial or complete high-quality furnishing;
  5. service for the furniture selection and delivery;
  6. new interior spaces and rooms creation;
  7. reconstruction of bathrooms, lavatories, kitchens, terraces, and many more;
  8. lighting projects;
  9. sound system projects;
  10. all kinds of fit-out work.


Luxury Antonovich Design — top fit-out company that can deliver a wide range of interior design and fit-out solutions can offer original creative design and architectural ideas and approaches for the development of the design project of your house, apartment, office, or any industrial giant with a full range of services for its implementation. We deliver beautiful interior and exterior fit-out projects for the best luxury brands, combining chic and exquisite style and stunning filling. Our team works in a wide variety of sectors, like high-end residential (villas, country houses), offices, boutique hotels, and restaurants, as well as clinics, sports stadiums, and airports.

Our advantages:

  • Luxury Antonovich Design employs only professional, qualified, polite, punctual, and executive repair technicians.
  • We work without intermediaries, which improves the process of creating the necessary result in the shortest possible time.
  • We make estimates as accurately as possible; advising the client at all stages of repair and fit-out works.
  • We purchase the highest quality building materials from proven European and global suppliers.
  • We adhere to all technical standards; comply with the deadlines previously agreed with the client.

We provide an individual approach to each client. Our team performs assigned tasks regardless of the season, coordinating the schedule with the house owner, taking into account his wishes and recommendations.


Luxury Antonovich Design Company provides services for the selection, purchase, and delivery of furniture. We cooperate with furniture manufacturers all over the world who can make high-quality furniture on an individual project. The foremost vital reason to work with us is that we select absolutely everything for the future interior: materials, furniture, doors, lamps, plumbing fixtures, curtains, and decor.

Proper furniture selection from Luxury Antonovich Design that will suit your requirements:

  • A professionally qualified architect develops the furniture layout plan. 
  • You receive two-three quality options and can choose the one you like. 
  • Furniture selection and delivery from Luxury Antonovich Design will allow you to save time and get the maximum result in the interior.
  • Ordering furniture from Luxury Antonovich Design, you get the best furniture pieces from the world's best furniture brands. 

In consultation with our designer, you can choose the following types of furniture:

  1. upholstered furniture for your interior (sofas, couches, armchairs, ottomans)
  2. cabinet and built-in furniture (sets — bedrooms and living rooms, halls, children’s bedrooms, libraries, dressing rooms)
  3. kitchen furniture;
  4. bathroom furniture;
  5. office furniture;
  6. and unique furniture — for swimming pools, saunas, and hammams, patios, and terraces;
  7. gym equipment and professional saloon and clinics furniture and equipment;
  8. hotel furniture.

The main potential of the construction company "Luxury Antonovich Design" is concentrated in people — these are our employees, partners, and customers. Permanent professional growth and development of the company are achieved through the use of modern technologies, the introduction of new construction products. Our goal is to be the market leader. We increase the number of our projects and develop new ones. We have everything to achieve this goal: developing markets, modern technologies, and highly motivated employees.

Turnkey Interior Solutions

  1. Civil works
  2. MEP works
  3. Joinery
  4. Stained glassworks
  5. Aluminium & Glazing works
  6. Fit-out
  7. Landscaping, Pools & Water Features:

  • topographic survey,
  • sketch landscape design,
  • preparation of project drawings,
  • design of drainage systems, the design of watering,
  • design of lighting,
  • detailed flower garden plan,
  • preparing of 3D visualization.

Our task is to create a space for each customer corresponding to his lifestyle, character, and habits. 


Masonry, painting (art/texture), drywall/gypsum detailing, mosaic works, intricate marble works, etc.


Full engineering works with a specialty in chilled water systems. In-house electrical engineers and DEWA certified installation team.


Total carpentry solutions, reproduction of antique or branded furniture, and hand-carved furniture.


Construction teams for pools, fountains, and dedicated garden maintenance services.


Master artisans available to create customized stained glass designs for your home or office.




Perfect taste combined with the use of the latest trends of the industry is the signature handwriting of the interior design company "Luxury Antonovich Design". Timeless architecture and sophisticated design, performance on the contrast of styles, color solutions, and expressive textures always lead to maximum functionality of the object, as well as to its aesthetic completion.

Designers of the company create modern interiors, working in several stylistic directions: modern, art deco, classics. The main feature in the design is attention to the smallest details. The rare materials are used in work — valuable tree species, metal, natural stone, leather, glass, exclusive fabrics.

Our specialization is interior design and construction and finishing works. Our work is the mobilization of fantasies, ideas, and skill and the embodiment of your square meters into reality. We take care of that coziness, comfort, and functionality will be the three sacred rules of your house.

It is fitting out of interiors — a service for the integrated purchase and production of all interior elements — furniture, decor, decoration materials, painting, vertical landscaping systems.

We are engaged in the implementation of well-designed and thought-out design projects. If you completely decide to entrust your premises to us, then we will be able to visualize your space with a panoramic view. 

You can buy wallpapers, decorative plaster, tiles, stucco decorations, frescoes, floor coverings, lighting systems, electrical fittings, sound-proof and acoustic materials in the interior design company "Luxury Antonovich Design". Our experienced specialists will help you to choose the required collection. The product range is constantly updated, which allows us to offer only the best samples from world-famous manufacturers. Representatives of our company will help to decorate any space properly, based on individual wishes.

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