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Children's Room Interior in Neoclassical Style

Children's room interior design in neoclassical style perfectly continues design concept of the apartment interior. The spacious room has become an ideal habitat for the younger son of the house owners. The children's room interior design by the studio Luxury Antonovich Design is based on a variety of important factors. When working on a children's room project, we take into account child's age, gender, personality and hobbies. At such moments, interior designers Dubai become psychologists and for some time completely immerse in the world of children's fantasies. The result is interiors of a unique beauty and charm. Their images are unique as each child is unique. Children's room design well helps to educate child's good taste from an early age. In the interior everything is harmonious and perfect. The ceiling design became a way to combine the interior space and bring to the apartment light and romantic mood. Niches with graceful lines and shapes are filled by stretch ceilings that shimmer and flicker under chandeliers and lighting lines. The room itself is divided into two zones. Bedroom zone and work area. And to separate two spaces interior designers Dubai decided via graceful walls of the cabinet with open shelves. In the interior light gamma and delicate shades dominate. Wood floor of valuable species introduced into the interior a mood of warmth and home comfort. In the walls decor there are thematic points for the harmonious development of the child.

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