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Interior Girls

In the interior there is a very bright and sunny mood. Juicy colors of purple and turquoise set off wonderfully crisp white and cream notes. Children's room interior design for two daughters of the apartment owners in Abu Dhabi amazingly underlines the bright and cheerful characters of the girls. Interior Design Studio in Abu Dhabi offered a luxury version of the design, blended harmoniously the classical style and Art Deco. Interior Designers Abu Dhabi in each work combines traditions and innovation. Along with the traditional methods of interior lighting, authors of the project use modern LED backlighting to accent. The lines delineate the boundaries of the niche on the ceiling and wall decor over a soft textile panel. Chandelier with emerald shades exquisitely plays up with the pillows on the comfortable beds. A quilted silk bedspread is in harmony with curtains on the windows. The massive carved frame that surrounds the cabinet with open shelves looks refined and luxurious. Children's room interior design ideally helps to educate the children's refined taste and understanding of beauty. In the room each of the girls will feel comfortable and cozy.

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