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Kids room design New York

Quite often, attic rooms in houses where there are children in the family are originally intended for children. And in this project, one of the rooms is designed for the baby, which is about to be born. And the choice of such a room is not accidental. If now it is a children's room for a baby, then as it grows up, the designers will transform and modify the space. But now we want to talk about the basic ideas of decorating a children's room for a child in mansard. A very nice and interesting moment is that parents did not want to know the sex of the child beforehand and, ordering the interior, they asked to create something cozy that would suit both the boy and the girl. The best world designers offered charming solutions in the style of modern classic. Neutral shades of beige and cream were chosen for the color scheme. Textile designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design offered to decorate very beautifully a semicircular mansard window. Roman curtains fit perfectly. Waves of natural silk of white and pink hue look gorgeous. Maximum ergonomics is something we always strive for, working both on large and small premises. In this case, the moment of ergonomics is the original ottoman, which replaced the sill. And the additional drawers in this part of the room will be a great place to store all kinds of little things and toys. The natural wood on the floor serves as a source of pleasant natural warmth in the interior. 

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