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Design Study room for kids

Kids room design could be divided into several main areas:

  • The Kids room design for girls
  • The Kids room design for boys
  • The Kids room design for various age categories
  • The Kids room design for games
  • The Kids room design to learning.

As you can see, Kids room design  is extremely versatile and interesting direction. And for an elite house design plans in Abu Dhabi, we have proposed the classic style house decoration for learning. The main objective of the project was to create a comfortable environment, ideal for learning. When nothing distracts and everything helps to focus. The absence of windows in the home interior designer compensated with a bright palette of colors and proper lighting. To harmonize the space we have proposed as a decor element of one of the walls, a beautiful curtain-jalousie. Ceiling decor perfectly matches the classic style in interiors. Neat curls of stucco decoration covered with gold leaf. Traditional chandelier complemented by the small ceiling lights. Wall Decor also features generosity and restraint. Boiserie filled with luxury wallpaper with snowy ornaments. Furniture has become like a continuation of the design of the walls and visually dissolved into space. Thanks to this technique, the room design looks light, airy and without unnecessary details. For floors decor perfectly suited elite light parquet of wood. In order to always children feel the pleasant warmth of home comfort, the floor is complemented with natural soft carpet.

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