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Cozy Girls Bedroom

According to the project of an elite villa, several children's rooms were provided. The owners of the house decided to divide the area for games, training area, and the zone for sleep. This bedroom interior for two sisters is designed exclusively for comfort rest.In this design project of interior children's bedroom, we have demonstrated how charmingly, nice, and cozy can be interior in a contemporary style. The Velvet of salmon hue became the main color in the palette of the interior.A big soft headboard, which is the same for the two beds made of it.Profound fabric with geometric patterns perfectly harmonizes interior space child's bedroom in a contemporary style.Luxuriously and presentable looks great a decor panel behind the headboard. Its basis is milky leather with a beautiful ornament.The panel is framed by inserts of velvet and thin strips of polished brass.The decoration of beds perfectly blends with the window decoration.Silk cushions and bedspreads of pink hue resonate with silk curtains in a modern style.The elegance and grace underlined by many moments in the interior decor. Thus, the ceiling is decorated with a deep niche with beautiful contours and lines of gilded ornamental stucco decoration. The main part of the walls is decorated with monochrome ornamental plastering, against of which looks bright and juicy the other interior details. The interior design of the children's bedroom adjusts on relaxation and a wonderful feeling of warmth of home comfort.

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