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Children's Rooms Interiors

Kids room decor is a critical point in the implementation of kids room design. We approach kids room with great care. It is important to choose the color scheme according to the child's psychology. And this involves selecting materials such as wallpaper, textile, floor coverings, decorative plaster and other elements. We will create for your child an ideal environment, in which it will be very comfortable to travel into adulthood.
In this project, we have created a cozy space for two boys. The elegant interior in classical style will form the basis of their harmonious development. Every detail of kids room decor is designed to educate children, make their taste exquisite and develop their love of beauty from an early age. A textile design plays a unique role in this project. The perfect combination of window decoration, walls decoration, and furniture forms an amazing picture of modern aristocratic luxury. Kids room design emphasizes family respectability. In the walls decor, the interior designers offered luxury silk wallpaper in soft blue hues with lace damask patterns. To highlight the natural warmth of home comfort in the floor decoration they used wood of valuable species with special impregnation and beautiful round rugs with the high pile. In the best traditions of classical style, the ceiling is decorated. Delicate swirls of stucco decoration play an incredible light under an elegant chandelier. Kids room ideas from Luxury Antonovich Design are unique and sensitive moments for your dearest children.

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