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Bedroom design ideas

With a goal to create an oasis of beauty, tenderness, bloom and the warmth of home comfort, have coped by the interior designers of the studio Luxury Antonovich Design in the project of this bedroom. Even a so traditional classical style can become a bit frivolous and playful when it comes to a room belonging to a girl of 18 years old. This pearl of design art will decorate an elite villa and belong to the eldest daughter of its owners. The advantage of working on the project was quite a large area of the room, which continues with a comfortable and ergonomic wardrobe. The accent wall in this interior with a picturesque panel became a real pearl of design art. Art painting framed by two mirror panels with gilded openwork ornaments. Each decision of designers is not accidental and carries a certain meaning and some idea. So the arrangement of the mirror near the boudoir table from a certain angle provides the reflection effect of this artistic panel, which makes the interior of the bedroom unique in its beauty. High ceiling decorated with a multi-level niche with exquisite outlines and edging line with gilding. A lush crystal chandelier illuminates every corner of this marvelous interior. The basis of the wall decoration was an elite silk wallpaper with classic ornaments. Classical parquet of a light valuable wood is comfortably combined with a soft Persian carpet. Delicate floristic ornaments on the carpet look exquisitely with the bedclothes and art painting.

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