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To plunge into a fairy tale, into the world of children's fantasies, into an oasis of tenderness and warmth. We offer a close acquaintance with the new project of a children's room for a little princess aged five years. In this wonderful age, we all believe in miracles, fairy tales, and the many beautiful things. These dreams designers of the studio Antonovich Design artfully transferred into the interior of the children's bedroom. We suggest starting a trip through this fabulous space with a window design. This is a delightful example of how bright, elegant can be curtains in the classical style. Silk of pleasantly pink-lilac shade with beautiful waves of drapery falls to the floor. It is held by soft holders on two levels. Soft lambrequin, as well as pretty fringe, perfectly complements the composition. Above, two large bows complete the composition that frames the snow-white transparent tulle. On this elegant background, a small soft sofa looks great. Italian furniture factories today offer luxurious collections of furniture, especially for children's rooms. The upholstery uses natural fabrics with thematic ornaments, and the decor of the furniture perfectly corresponds to the fabulous mood in this room, which is continued by a comfortable bed with a canopy. The bed decor perfectly matches the rest of furniture. A romantic canopy made of white translucent silk is crowned with a beautiful lilac wreath. This element underscores the tender age of the young owner of the room. Respectably and aristocratic in the best traditions of the classical style, the ceiling and walls are decorated.

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