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White bedroom interior


Nothing feels better than going home and lying down on a clean and crisp sheet. Of course, your room should be accompanied by an amazing interior style with clean aesthetics. White has a very refreshing color, pair it with a metallic gold accent and your room will look instantly luxurious. Luxury Antonovich Design offers amazing bedrooms that are functional and very calm and comforting. The company believes in the importance of sleep and how much the design and whole interior affects the lifestyle of the homeowners. Luxury Antonovich Design has top and professional experts that will make sure that your bedroom looks amazing and relaxing according to your needs.  Here in this article, you will discover one of their best interior idea which incorporated white and gold tones to come up with a luxurious theme. 


You will love how Luxury Antonovich Design has redefined the meaning of elegance in this project. The simple and neutral color palette composes this wonderful bedroom. You'll notice the classic marble flooring which is an amazing element that coordinates well with the room's neat and minimalist aesthetic. The room is symmetrical which makes it look well presented with different fixtures and textures. You'll also notice how our professional designers were able to combine the classic style with a very distinct modern addition to the entire room. The beautiful mixture of contemporary and luxurious living is everything that you'll love in this bedroom. The relaxed and unique appearance looks tailored to the client's characteristics and style. 


You'll fall in love with each corner that this bedroom has to offer. The different textures help to emphasize the richness and elegance of this bedroom. The colors also helped set the mood especially the touch of metallic gold. This balances the bedroom with a touch of striking color which accents and highlights the palette of the bedroom. You will also notice the large window panels that face the city skyline which bridges the indoor and outdoor design of the home. The welcoming and warm vibe of the bedroom makes it cozier and glamorous. The warm palette highlighted with gold created a warm and relaxing place that reflects tranquility and peace. Adding natural elements is also another important thing in designing a bedroom. The huge plant creates a natural look that adds not only beauty but also helps clean the air. Having a pleasant place to relax and reset your mind is important that's why the Luxury Antonovich Design team is here to help you with your bedroom design needs. Feel free to send us a message. 

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