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There are so many interior designers in New York, the list of amazing and worthy interior designers is a ton but there is one that always stands out. Katrina Antonovich – who is the best female interior designer in the Middle East and now expanding her horizons and sharing her talent in New York, USA. You'd like to check out her works time and time again to see how excellent here designs are. This UAE based designer has developed her best projects may it be residential or commercial. She is well known for her classic and elegant designs that reflect the world of luxury. More than anyone else, she is also well known for her contemporary designs. She is also well known as the best female designer who has accomplished her title as one of the top-notch designers of her time. Her design varies from vibrant colors to neutral palettes. Her adaptive design is perfect for all client's wants and needs. 


Every designer has their own unique style. Katrina Antonovich is known for adding hints of luxury details to her designs. If you want a home filled with classy and elegant details then she is the right person to design for you. Her bold and inventive ideas will give your home a unique style that is different from all the other houses you've seen before. Each design is personalized that's why all the details from the biggest to the smallest is distinct. She has not only designed homes but also buildings, hotels, and even businesses such as restaurants and salons. With her classic and comfortable design, the interior always looks fresh, clean, and crisp. You will be easily reminded of historic Hamptons designs where elegance is the main key to the interior. You will instantly see the balance of modern, and warm textured historical elements. 


You will see in this model room above that their design is classic with a touch of modern details. The nude and brown touch adds a masculine element that makes the room look musky heavily built. From wall designs to the fixtures and furnishes Luxury Antonovich Design coordinately added each element to blend with the whole bedroom aesthetics. They make sure to bring and add value to their client's design to keep them satisfied with the result of the structure. 

Overall the ideas of Luxury Antonovich Design with the amazing implementation of their chief designer Katrina Antonovich is something that you will look out for. Their designs will surely be one of a kind that will keep your home truly unique and elegant. For over 10 years they have established their name in the industry competing with top design companies worldwide. 

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