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Royal Master Bedroom Interior

Designed in a classic style in all ages it embodies luxury, gentility, and respectability.The design of the home has become a fine example of a classic style with accents of Rococo. Interior designers masterfully implemented particular architectural layout and created a very comfortable interior for each room. Splendor and elegant appearance of the interior a bedroom depends on such element of decoration as an artsy stucco molding.Stucco decor adorned the walls and ceiling.Boiserie framed by charming stucco curls and filled with the elite wallpaper gently pink color with delicate damask ornaments. Bedroom interior impresses by its an integral and complete image. Decor floorings on one side became the simplification of the decor, on the other hand, was one of the most beautiful parts of the room. A floor is almost completely covered with a natural Persian rug. The design of the interior is full of charming details. Palatial curtains decorated a large semi-circular window. Silk of cream-pink shade frames the Italian curtains with handmade embroidery. Classic curtains have become a delightful final touch of this interior.Home decor, which we offer our customers is always of exceptional quality materials.Bedroom interior photo, which will be shown after the project, will help ensure the beauty and sophistication of each design decision.Another highlight of the project were decorative panels for walls.Decor panels with shallow niches, stucco decoration, and backlighting lines give the room a more elegant look.


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