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Stylish Bedroom Interior

Bedroom interior is full of passion, tenderness and subtlety. Interior Designers Dubai in the author's apartment project elegantly repeated all the dreams of the owner of the apartment about her perfect interior. Art Deco combined with neoclassical style perfect fits for the realization of all the wishes of the customer. Each fragment of the interior has a bright character. The windows in the semicircular portal are draped with curtains of luxurious noble silk in light beige color, which is supplemented with wide edging of dark chocolate color and finely picked up with large tassels. The interior is full of exquisite designs. Very stylish and colorful fragment became wall decor behind the headboard. The high milky upholstered headboard look luxuriously at the background of the wall. The walls are decorated with bright elite wallpaper with black ornament on a cream background. With the ceiling design the designers give the space harmony and expressiveness. Stretch creamy ceiling is complemented by point crystal chandeliers and elegant chandelier in the center with lots of neat white lampshades. Bedroom interior design has an elegant and stylish character, which clearly expressed emphasis of home comfort warmth. As a rule, for luxurious bedrooms interior designers Dubai offer floors decor of natural wood of valuable species, and additional i tems as carpets and fur rugs. Bedroom design perfectly matches bright and catchy interior design concept.

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