Apartment Interior design Dubai is entirely devoted to its owners' dream about their ideal habitat. The interior is fully consistent with its main purpose. Namely, to give every day a feeling of absolute comfort and warmth of home comfort. Bedroom interior design became a harmonious continuation of the cozy interior story that interior designers Dubai told in the author's project. Bedroom design has got its special canons. It's a room with a special purpose. Quite a large area allowed to divide the bedroom interior conditionally into two zones. One area is a ​​rest area at a large window with a soft comfortable sofa. Sofa is upholstered in milky velvet and thus looks very bright and stylish at the background of the precious silk curtains of milk chocolate shade. Other area of the bedroom interior is the main part with a large comfortable bed. Bedroom interior radiates softness and warmth. High headboard is upholstered by decorated milky panel with shallow marks, which is elegantly combined with textile panels on the wall of coffee with milk color. Two zones are conditionally divided by a charming boudoir with an oval mirror and a plush armchair. The highlight of this part of the interior was a chair with carved decor of dark wood of valuable species. The design of the floor and ceiling combined the cozy bedroom interio. The floor is succinctly decorated with natural wood of valuable species, and the ceiling in the middle is decorated with elegant classical chandelier.

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