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Luxury Bedroom Interior Dubai

Passion and elegance of cozy the apartment interior are most reflected in the elegant bedroom. An amazing combination of Art Deco and neoclassical styles filled the bedroom interior with delicious, cozy and festive mood. Dubai Interior designers took as a basis the combination of cream and chocolate hues. In the best traditions of art deco wall behind the headboard is decorated with beveled mirrored panels, which reflect the image of the luxury interior. Mirrored panels frame a part of the wall, which is decorated with elegant silk wallpaper of fine cream-colored ornaments. Wallpapers are framed around the perimeter with a line of soft lighting that makes this part of the wall particularly expressive and bright. Against this background large comfortable bed looks impressive. High headboard panel is decorated with soft velvet of milk chocolate shade, which is combined with richly carved decoration. Elaborate swirls of carved decoration are covered with bronze, which flickers and shimmers under the light of the sun's rays during the day or at dusk under the chandelier light. Bedroom interior design has acquired such a charming and delicious character, thanks to the harmonious combination of colors, textures and methods of interior lighting. Soft carpet of creamy color on the background of the floor of valuable species wood looks warm and cozy. Bedroom interior design is ideal for a pleasant and relaxing stay in a lush environment. Stucco on the ceiling repeats curls of delicately carved decoration of furniture.


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